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November 27, 2019

Warley National Model Railway Exhibition 2019: Over 70 inspirational Model Railway Layouts

Warley National Model Railway Exhibition 2019: Over 70 inspirational Model Railway Layouts

For many years the Warley Model Railway Exhibition is the showcase of the rail transport hobby and it attracts many thousands of visitors. It is the greatest model railway event in the United Kingdom and Europe’s largest single hall modelling event. In 2019, once again there were over 90 working, inspirational model railway layouts and demonstrations of techniques used in the hobby by experts in their field.

Pilentum Television has tried to capture a large part of those 90 layouts in this video. Due to the many thousands of visitors, it was not possible to film with a tripod. Therefore, some scenes are a bit blurred. Nevertheless, with a length of over 90 minutes, this video represents what characterizes the Warley Show: All the popular scale and gauge combinations representing British Railways throughout their history, 15 layouts of overseas prototypes and five outstanding layouts from railway enthusiast in Europe.

Furthermore there was the winning layout from the recent TV series “The Great Model Railway Challenge” made by Channel 5 Television. Especially this television series shows that rail transport modeling hobby is alive and well. The exhibition was held in Hall 5 of the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham (17,000 square metres of hall space). Although Bachmann Europe, Graham Farish, Peco, Hornby Hobbies and Crecy Publishing are the main sponsors, the Warley Show is known to be the “modeller’s marketplace” in the midst of the modelling season. I hope you find watching this video captivating, interesting and enjoyable and that it inspires you with you railway modelling projects.

The Spirit of Swindon (Scale: N Gauge)
- Will Heath -

Ludlow (Scale: n Gauge)
- I. & E. Coules -

Hawes Junction (Scale: N Gauge)
- Warley MRC -

Brinklow (Scale: N Gauge)
- Bob Taylot and Team -

Cragmill (Scale: N Gauge)
- Chester Area Group, N Gauge Society -

Martini Junction (Scale: N Gauge)
- Hull MRS -

Kingver Society of Model Engineers
(Locomotives 3 1/2'', 5'' and 7 1/4'')

Santa Maria (Scale: HOm)
- Dan Spalding -

Halland (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- John Gay -

Llangenydd (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- Ken Jones -

Tudwick Road Siding (Scale: 7mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Dave Tailby -

The Lochty Branch (Scale: 7mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Ian Futers -

Mill Bank Alley (Scale: 7mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Hughie Flynn -

Parkstone Goods (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- Colin Lockyear -

Coed Helen (Scale: Nn3)
- Ian Coe -

Beacon Point (Scale: 4mm/ft, Narrow Gauge)
- Mac Strong -

Llandtrevelyn (Scale: 4mm/ft, Narrow Gauge)
- Adam Sanders and Thomas Domontry -

Rabbit Warren (Scale: 4mm/ft, Narrow Gauge)
- Lichfield and District MRC -

Zlata Vychod (Scale: HO)
- David Payler -

Deinsdorf-Düsselbach (Scale: HOe)
- Modelspoorclub Veluwezoom -

Belgomine Traveaux (Scale: HOm)
- MSC Hetspoor -

Mauch Chunk PA (Scale: HO)
- Barrowmore MRG -

Modbury (Scale: 2mm Finescale)
- Ian Smith -

West Wick (Scale: N Gauge)

Umbridge (Scale: N Gauge)
- The Railway Enthusiasts Club -

Ardmore (Scale: 7mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Model Railway Society of Ireland -

Süd Harz Railway (Scale: HOm)
- Paul Steedman -

Loughborough Road (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- Alan and Simon Paley -

Sydney Gardens (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- The Park Keepers -

Drumslochtock Summit (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- Moray MRG -

Lough Motive Power Depot (Scale: 7mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Terry Yeend -

Baggies TMD (Scale: 4mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Robert Godding -

Weaver Hill (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- Benjamin and Richard Brady -

Wallsend & Brooksbridge Light Railway (Scale: 4mm/ft)
- Mike Wall -

Camlas (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- Chris Thomas -

Brandgeight (Scale: 4mm/ft, Narrow Gauge)
- Peter Hardy -

North Ballachulish (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- Andy Cooper -

Trix Twin Railway (Scale: 16.5mm Gauge)
- Sheila and Norman Beaumont -

Blackfriars Bridge (Scale: 18.83mm Gauge)
- Blackfriars Bridge MRG -

Lone Star Model Railways (Scale: OOO Gauge)
- Stuart Dale -

Greenwood Garden Railway (Scale: N Gauge)
- Philip Hunt -

Sheepcroft (Scale: 18.2mm Gauge)
- Stu Davis -

Ampney Crusis (Scale: 18.2mm Gauge)
- Warley MRC -

Arch Road Yard (Scale: 7mm/ft)
- Rev'd Nigel Adams -

Nancledre Harbour (Scale: 7mm/ft)
- Warley MRC -

Campbells Quarry (Scale: 16mm/ft)
- John Campbell -

Pen-Y-Graig (Scale: 5.5mm/ft)
- Barrie Johnson -

Norwich Central (Scale: 7mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Peter Thomson and David Smith -

Evercreech New (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- Southampton MRS -

Lindon Road (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- J. Long -

Abergavenny Brecon Road (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- Richard Cox -

Tanybwlch & Penrhyn (Scale: 4mm/ft)
- Nigel Smith -

Tarrant Valley Railway (Scale: 4mm/ft)
- Wimborne Railway Society -

Woodcroft (Scale: 4mm/ft)
- Market Deeping MRC -

Hortus Halt (Scale: G Scale)
- Warley MRC -

Lego Layout
- Jonathan Tansley -

Binns Road (Scale: Hornby O Gauge)
- Hornby Railway Collectors' Association -

Nouvion (Scale: French Hornby AC/HO)
- Hornby Railway Collectors' Association -

Mossdale (Scale: Hornby Dublo 2 Rail)
- Hornby Railway Collectors' Association -

Holly Park (Scale: Hornby Dublo 3 Rail)
- Hornby Railway Collectors' Association -

Stodden Hundred Light Railway (Scale: 7mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Andrew Jones -

Nafferton (Scale: 7mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Dave Wellington -

Kimble (Scale: 7mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Leamington and Warwick MRS -

Mwch Grumblyn (Scale: 16mm, Live Steam)
- Guildford MES -

Ridings (Scale: Gauge 1, Live Steam)
- G1 MRA (Midlands) -

Kinlet Junction
- Wyre Forest Model Railway Club -

Franwood T.M.D. (Scale: 4mm/ft, OO Gauge)
- Neil Woodbine -

Heybridge Wharf (Scale: 14.2mm Gauge)
- Mike Corp -

Cranmore (Scale: 7mm/ft, O Gauge)
- Eric Hines -


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